• Q1

    What's the weather like in Taiwan?

    In Taiwan, the summer temperature is around 28-35℃ with high humidity. From about mid-October, temperatures will gradually drop. January and February are typically the coldest months of the year, with temperatures around 9-15℃. Please bring some sweaters, a winter jacket and a scarf with you. Winter can also be rainy. A waterproof coat is recommended. You can also check the Central Weather Bureau website for detail information.

  • Q2

    Can international students work part-time in Taiwan?

    If you wish to work while you study (either on campus or off campus), the following are some points to note:
    1. You are required to apply for the work permit before starting work.
    2. The maximum work hours are 20 hours per week, except during summer and winter vacation.
    3. If you hold a job without applying for the work permit, you may be fined for NT$30,000 to NT$150,000 and ordered to leave the country immediately.

    For more detailed information and application methods for work permits, you may ask the universities or institutions you are attending.
  • Q3

    How much are the tuition and living expenses if I am admitted into an undergraduate program?

    Taiwan is well-known as a country where you can enjoy high-quality education and modern living at an affordable cost. There are two semesters (Spring and Fall) in one academic year. The typical costs for studying in Taiwan are set out listed below:

    Tuition and miscellaneous fees

    Around USDUS$800 - $15,000 per year.

    Living expenses

    Around USDUS$150 - $450 per month


    On-campus (around USDUS$30 – 200 per month)

    Off-campus (around USDUS$200 – 600 per month)

  • Q4

    How can I open a bank account in Taiwan?

    Most banks offer foreign currency exchange and bank services in NT dollars. If you want to open an account in a Taiwanese bank, you must visit the bank in person. Bring the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and other documents that can serve as proof of your identity, such as the National Health Insurance card, passport, driver’s license or Student ID Card, etc. Minors must also submit a letter of permission from their guardians in Taiwan.

    For more details, please refer to the Contact Taiwan Website.
  • Q5

    If I am going to rent an apartment in Taiwan instead of living in university dormitory, where can I find the renting information?

    There are many options for you if you wish to live in a private apartment. You can check the page of Housing on our website for the possibilities.