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The Ministry of Education, Taiwan has established a New Southbound Talent Development Program, in conjunction with the New Southbound Policy (NSP) targeting Southeast and South Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand as potential strategic partners for regional social and economic cooperation. The main aim of the program is to further expand and deepen exchanges and partnerships with NSP countries using the “MPP” concept–“Market, Pipeline and Platform”.

  • Market - Talent Cultivation

    To promote and expand the higher education market overseas. Having achieved success in industrial transformation, Taiwan has a wealth of experience offering high-quality goods for a service market, which enables it to provide practical vocational training and skills for foreign professionals and students.

  • Pipeline – Talent Exchange

    For the interflow of talented people between Taiwan and New Southbound Policy countries, the objective is to increase exchanges between students by attracting talented individuals to study and conduct research in Taiwan while sending students from Taiwan abroad to gain a deeper understanding of other nations’ cultures and languages, and to engage with foreign communities.

  • Platform - Platform for Communication

    Establishing a task force to plan and promote talent cultivation in accordance with the New Southbound Policy, and set up a working group dedicated to developing talent cultivation strategies pertaining to major countries in the ASEAN region and South Asia. Promote bilateral educational exchanges through the Taiwan Connection project and currently available resources in the targeted countries, including existing Taiwanese agencies, Taiwan education centers, alumni associations of Taiwanese universities, Taiwan Studies projects, as well as Taiwanese schools and business networks operating in Southeast Asian countries. Facilitate the forging of bilateral alliances between Taiwanese colleges and universities and higher educational institutions in nations of ASEAN and South Asia. Utilize the educational edge of popular science museums and institutions in Taiwan; engage in international science fairs or annual meetings of international organizations. Cultivate outstanding Taiwanese doctoral graduates qualified to teach at the college level and have them stationed in colleges and universities in the targeted countries on a long-term basis.

  • Schemes

    To expand and deepen exchange with ASEAN and South Asian countries, the MOE has established a cross-departmental New Southbound Policy task force while planning to earmark a budget of NT$1 billion for the objectives as mentioned above, according to which the MOE has reviewed current policies to propose new ones. The MOE will continue to bolster bilateral collaboration between universities in Taiwan and the targeted countries, create a friendly environment for foreign on exchange to the ASEAN region, and promote a talent cultivation plan for new immigrants’ children.