• Q1

    Can I receive two or more scholarships?

    No. You may only receive 1 of the scholarships provided by the Taiwanese government (MOE, MOFA, etc.) or educational institutions (universities, colleges, etc.).

  • Q2

    Can I apply for Taiwan Scholarships again after the completion of the program?

    Yes. You can apply for Taiwan Scholarships for other higher degree programs as long as the total award period does not exceed 5 years.

  • Q3

    Can I extend the award period?

    No. You can not extend the award period. The maximum award period is 5 years.

  • Q4

    How will the scholarships be paid?

    The scholarships will be paid during the middle of each month to you. After confirming your attendance, records and academic performance have met the criteria. 

  • Q5

    What should I do if the tuition is higher than the scholarship I received each month?

    In general, the scholarship should be sufficient to cover your tuition. However, since the scholarship is paid month by month, please prepare adequate funds to cover your full-semester tuition and fees before coming to Taiwan. Contact your school for assistance and proper arrangement.

  • Q6

    Can the recipient of Taiwan Scholarships enroll in specialized and vocational classes?

    No. Taiwan Scholarships can not enroll in specialized and vocational classes. For such funding, please contact the international office of your institution for funding options.

  • Q7

    I am an international student. If I am awarded the MOE Taiwan Scholarship, the MOFA Taiwan Scholarship, or any other governmental scholarship, will I still be able to apply for a work permit?