• Q1

    Do I have any insurance in Taiwan?

    You have to join International Student Medical Insurance before you join National Health Insurance. The fee is NTD500 per month. Also, you have to join National Health Insurance after you live in Taiwan for 6 consecutive months. However, we strongly suggest you join a health insurance program from your country before you come to Taiwan, in case of a gap while you arrive.

  • Q2

    Do I need to join National Health Insurance (NHI) of Taiwan? Is it mandatory?

    Yes. The NHI is mandatory for international students who hold an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and stay in Taiwan at least 4 consecutive months.

  • Q3

    If I have NHI, do I still need to pay when visiting a doctor?

    Yes. The benefit package of NHI does not include everything. For each visiting, you still need to pay for the copayment. Extra fees will be charged if you need special treatment or medicine.

  • Q4

    When does the NHI coverage begin?

    Your NHI coverage commences depending on the date of issue of your ARC. You will be eligible to join NHI after 4 consecutive months of  the issuing date of your ARC, even if your NHI application is in process.

  • Q5

    How much is the NHI premium?

    For Medical Insurance, you have to pay NTD500 per month. For the National Health Insurance Program, you will have to pay NTD749 per month. Overseas Chinese have to pay NTD374.

  • Q6

    What should I do if I lost my NHI card?

    If you lost your NHI card, you could reapply for a new one in 2 ways:
    1. On-site application and claim:
      You can go to any NHI regional division with your ARC, 1 2”X2” photo, and the application fee of NTD200.
    2. Post office collection:
      Please print and fill out the “NHI Card Claim Application Form,” paste your photo, and a copy of your ARC on the form. Then pass this form along with the NTD200 application fee to the post office staff. You will receive your new NHI card within 7 working days.