• MOE: All Incoming Degree Students Allowed to Enter Taiwan from August 24, 2020

Given the smooth current operations for the entry and quarantine of foreign degree students into Taiwan, as of August 24, 2020, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced that all incoming degree students may apply for entry to study in Taiwan, including those receiving MOFA Taiwan Scholarships with pre-degree mandarin language program and Chinese students. Under the new regulations, it is expected about 10,000 students will apply for entry.
International degree students must fulfill general requirements to gain entry into Taiwan (e.g., visas, resident certificate, entry/exit permits, etc.). These requirements, plus the continued suspension of many international flights and quarantine requirements upon arrival have significantly limited arrivals of international students in Taiwan over the past two months. With the announcement of the new policy, it is expected that daily arrivals of international students will reach into the hundreds. Many of these arriving students will have missed the beginning of the academic year, thus the MOE has requested schools not only take proper initiative to provide a safe learning environment, but also work to accommodate international degree students in terms of course selection, enrollment and tuition payment plan, class scheduling, performance assessments, leave of absence and counseling, thus providing students with flexible learning systems and immediate assistance.
International degree students arriving in Taiwan must complete a 14-day home quarantine and follow the relevant epidemic prevention measures as stipulated by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC). Schools will assist students by making arrangements for epidemic prevention hotels, central quarantine locations, or quarantine dormitories inside and outside campus authorized by local health authorities. Once students have moved into quarantine quarters, schools are required to follow home quarantine regulations in conjunction with the University Foreign Students Home Quarantine Care System for case tracking and recording.
Issued by: Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education
Contact: Sung Wen-Chien
Phone: +886-7736-5880
Latest revision: August 24, 2020