• Foreign students can now apply for Taiwan residence permit online

By Joyce Lee, The China Post, Taiwan |August 29, 2020
In order to help foreign students feel at ease with the 14-day home quarantine, the Taipei City Service Center of National Immigration Agency (NIA) has launched an online application system for foreign students to apply for a residence permit. (photo courtesy/ NIA)
The center has released a short instructional video in English to help students smoothly complete their application so that they can receive their residence permits as soon as the quarantine ends, without having to wait in line.
The number of foreigners coming to Taiwan has decreased this year due to the pandemic. However, as some countries have brought the situation under control, restrictions on foreigners coming to Taiwan have gradually been relaxed, with priority given to students, in order to protect their educational rights.
To avoid foreign students rushing to local immigration service centers and, therefore, increase the risk of cluster infection, the NIA encourages foreign students to use the online application system to apply for a residence permit.
In that case, they can easily apply through the internet during the home quarantine period, and wouldn’t need to stand in line in person. The online application takes only five working days, so the residence permits can be collected at designated service centers as soon as the quarantine ends, making it a faster and more convenient experience.
The system is open around the clock, including weekends. Those who encountered problems regarding the system are welcomed to call the hotline at +886-2-2796-7162 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.