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National Taiwan Sport University

National Taiwan Sport University

Strength and Conditioning Certificate training course

Program status
Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English
Summer (Jun.~Aug.)

It is a 6 days training course taught in English, including in-class lecture and in-gym practice sessions.
This short course is a 3 credits module in MSc programme in International Sports Coaching Science, but this module is open to public.
Students will learn basic training theory, exercise drills and weight lift skills. The skill of training monitoring will be essential element in this course.

Students will receive certificate of Strength and Conditioning coach from National Taiwan Sport University after passing exams on the 6th day. The tuition fee is NT$ 15,000. This course will be conducted by Dr. Mark Chieh-Ying CHIANG who got PhD from the East Tennessee State University, USA. His supervisor was Dr. Mike Stone in ETSU. Dr. Chiang is also a certified weight training trainer by National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA.

This short course had 25 students in 2016 summer, the entry was fully booked very quickly. Students can try to book accommodation at Pu-Yuan Hostel on the University campus with a rental of NT$ 1,500 per room per day (same price for single or twin room).
Please contact us for further details and assistant regarding course entry and room booking.

Course Objectives -
Students will learn both theoretical and practical aspects of strength and conditioning. The trend of using monitoring system to guild the training process will also be included in the course content.

Session 1. Introduction: the trend of strength & conditioning

Session 2. Periodization

Session 3. Resistance training: practical 1

Session 4. Resistance training: practical 2

Session 5. Strength training: Physiological & Biomechanical aspect

Session 6. Designing strength training program 1

Session 7. Designing strength training program 2

Session 8. Speed, agility and endurance training: Theory

Session 9. Speed, agility and endurance training: Practical

Session 10. Annual strength & Conditioning training program

Session 11. Monitoring system: objective & subjective

Session 12. Instruments in S&C: Lighting gate & accelerometer

Session 13. Instruments in S&C: Force plate 1

Session 14. Instruments in S&C: Force plate 2

Session 15 Group presentation

Topics and contents may vary in accordance with in class performance of the students.


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