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Admission Scholarship For International Students

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For encouragement of outstanding Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students to study in Shih Chien Univeristy, the guidelines are hereby set forth.
* Guidelines for Shih Chien University Scholarship Admission for Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students
October 3, 2012 approved by the President
December 28, 2016 approved by the President
I. For encouragement of outstanding Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students (hereafter the Student) to study in Shih Chien Univeristy, the guidelines are hereby set forth
II. Under this regulation, the students refer to those who got admitted to Shih Chien University and Mainland Chinese Student enrolled by the admission placement by the university Entrance Committee.
III. Types of Scholarship, Send out Procedures:
The scholarship is provided for a maximum three undergraduate students and two graduate students. The result of grant recipients will be released by the Office of International Affairs by e-mail within one to two weeks after the Office of Academic Affairs has released the Acceptance Letter.
IV. Applying Procedures:
The student may submit an application for the scholarship to the Office of International Affairs when the student applies for our University.
V. Qualifications:
A. For the student who want to have the official school roll in Shih Chien University.
B. For the student who applied for bachelor, master and Ph. D scholarship, the application is required to be reviewed by the Department and Enrollment Commission. The scholarship will be granted based on the previous academic records and other supplemental materials (Those who listed Shih Chien University as their first choice will have priority in receiving the scholarship).
VI. The qualified applicants will be of Office of International Affairs, after the approval by the Department and Enrollment Commission. Then the scholarship will be awarded to those students who have completed registration process and course selection.
VII. Those students who apply for this scholarship are required to first to apply the “Ministry of Education Taiwan Scholarship”, sponsored by the government (except the Ministry of Education Taiwan Scholarship is not granted in the region of the student), if the students fail to receive the government scholarship, the student may apply for this scholarship. The recipients of “Ministry of Education Taiwan Scholarship” are not eligible for this scholarship, either for the recipients of other scholarships offered by the departments of Shih Chien University.
VIII. The scholarship will be cancelled, if recipients fail to complete with the registration process, apply for retaining the admission, or drop out before the enrollment. For those who drop out or transfer to another school after the enrollment. From the day the student drop out and transfer to another school, the scholarship will no longer be available, and the received scholarship shall be returned accordingly. For those who resume after dropping out, this scholarship will no longer be available and the students under this circumstance are disqualified for the application of this scholarship ever again.
IX. Recipients will be disqualified, if the recipients find faking the materials or lying about the fact. Grants received shall be returned accordingly.
X. These Regulations take effect upon the approval of the principal. Any corrections will have to be approved by the principal.


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