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Shih Chien University

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Shih Chien University is made up of 2 campuses and 5 colleges, with approximately 16,000 students and 700 faculty and staff. It is a learning community with friendly atmosphere and artistic environment. Shih Chien University has five colleges in two campuses.
The Taipei Campus is composed of three colleges.

(1) College of Human Ecology aims at integrating the idea of innovation and industry cooperation with studies, teaching, life science knowledge, and skill popularization in order to improve the life quality, family health, child development, society harmony, and people’s well-beings.

(2) College of Design dedicates to educate students’ professional, inter-disciplinary, and innovative capabilities, and to participate extensively in international and domestic design competitions, exhibitions and education-industry cooperative projects.

(3) College of Management focuses on nurturing practical management talents who have both innovative engagements and global insights. The college promotes “Flexible Learning for Students In-Service” Program, establishes cross-discipline “Profession Model” system, and develops cultivated teaching activities and academic exchange with international sister universities.

There are two colleges on Kaohsiung Campus.
(4) College of Business and Information, with the core idea that we are idea practitioners of creative life, orients itself toward helping students of business major build up themselves as individuals with humanistic concern, life creativity, and global vision.

(5) College of Culture and Creativity, based on the founding principles of Shih Chien University—innovation, practice, and perfection, aims at spreading out local cultural characteristic and bringing creative thinking into full play.

Establish year : 1958

Type of institution : Privates University

Feature area : Arts and humanities, Business, administration and law

Contact : Office of International Affairs

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TEL | +886-2-25381111 ext. 1161

Faculty : 410

Student : 733

Undergraduate 14,852

Graduate 608 International Students 111

Academics : 51

College 5 Department 33 Grad. Inst. 13