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Regulations for International Student Scholarship (CMU Scholarships)

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Others: Please check the website for details
Others: Each successful applicant receives a financial aid of NTD10,000~50,000 per semester.

China Medical University Regulations for International Students Applying for Scholarships 1. An international student, as provided in this regulation, shall be confined to as an individual whose nationality is not from the Republic of China as described in Article 2. of the Nationality Act and also without overseas Chinese student status. 2. Eligibility: Please check the website for details. 3. The Award Period in Terms of Study Programs: a. Undergraduate program: The Award Period Depends on Regulations of Each Department b. Master's Degree program: a maximum of 2 years. c. Doctoral program: a maximum of 4 years. 4. Amount of Scholarship: Stipend of NT$10,000~50,000/semester.


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