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China Medical University

The knowledge partner for future medical professionals.

China Medical University (CMU) was established as China Medical College on June 6th, 1958 and transformed itself into China Medical University in 2003. It was the first government-approved academic institution in Taiwan to provide Chinese medicine and pharmacy programs. The university has steadily grown to its present position as one of the foremost medical universities in Taiwan. The university has two major campuses, Taichung and Beigang.

Located in the heart of Taiwan, the Taichung main campus encompasses seven colleges in which a variety of higher degree programs are offered in the fields of Western medicine, Chinese medicine, pharmacy, health care, life science, public health, and management. Interdisciplinary courses and international degree programs are also available for domestic and foreign students who desire to integrate their learning experiences and expand their horizons.

-Mission Statement-
Our mission is to become a global leader in both Western and Chinese medicine. In everything we do, our teams strive together to gain international recognition as a provider of medical services to our community, an educator of future health care professionals, and a contributor to the world’s knowledge in health sciences.

College of Medicine
College of Chinese Medicine
College of Public Health
College of Pharmacy
College of Health Care
College of Biopharmaceutical and Food Sciences

※Major Affiliated Hospitals:
China Medical University Hospital, Taichung
China Medical University Hospital, Beikang
Tainan Municipal An-Nan Hospital, Tainan

※Important Numerical Facts
Students 7,763
Undergraduate / Graduate Student Ratio 6.8:1
Faculty 517
Student-to-Faculty Ratio 15:1
International Partnerships 124
Affiliated Hospitals 11
Total Number of Beds 4,998

Establish year : 1958

Type of institution : Privates University

Feature area : Health and social welfare

Contact : Office of Global Affairs

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TEL | +886-4-22053366 ext.1611

Faculty : 508

Student : 7525

Undergraduate 6458

Graduate 952 International Students 115

Academics : 48

College 8 Department 25 Grad. Inst. 15

  • Undergraduate

    Mauricio Sandigo Peralta

    China Medical University