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National Chiayi University

Department of Marketing and Tourism Management

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In order to conform to the vision of our university, we developed an educational goal of cultivating students with comprehensive marketing and tourism management knowledge. Moreover, in complying with the education goal of the school of Management, we planned feasible and effective teaching methods for implementing the purpose. Accordingly, we developed curriculum planning strategies and implementation principles:
(1) To practice the concept of higher education; provide marketing and tourism management expertise
(2) Cultivate professionals with knowledge integration and innovative thinking
(3) Cultivate a multi-horizons, critical thinking and service-oriented attitude
(4) To pursuit of holistic education for undergraduates, emphasize professional training for postgraduates and doctoral class fosters senior management talents

Curriculum Planning for Undergraduate Students
Curriculum development focuses on the cultivation of business expertise, development of basic vocational functions, and attitudes and clarification for the career goal and value.
The course structure is divided into four major courses:
(1) marketing program;
(2) tourism management program;
(3) career management program and;
(4) knowledge management program.
Through this course planning strategy, we effectively demonstrate our unique training environment.

Curriculum Planning for Graduate Students
Curriculum development focuses on cultivating senior professional management talents in the Marketing industry. Research and international talents in the professional field with practical, theoretical and research skills. The curriculum structure is mainly divided into five cores as follows:
(1) Advanced professional management ability in the Marketing areas /Professional research ability in the tourism and leisure areas
(2) Professional research ability in the tourism and leisure areas
(3) Independent thinking and innovation ability
(4) Communication, leadership and teamwork skills
(5) Foreign language ability and International view
Our department attempts to highlight the unique talent cultivation environment through the aforementioned curriculum planning

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