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Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health

餐旅廚藝管理系 Dept. of Culinary Arts & Hotel and Restaurant Management

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在校所學即為業界所需,與一百多所餐旅業者進行建教合作,校外實習具多元性。畢業後即具有自行創業能力。 系科特色 一、大量聘請餐旅業界高階主管指導,課程設計多元化與實務化,在校所學即為業界所需。 二、與百多所餐旅業者校外實習具多元性。 三、指導餐廳經營與市場開發課程,畢業後即具有自行創業能力。 四、可前往國外實地參訪餐旅相關設施,增加國際觀。 入學學生須完成所規定之校外實習時數及參加海外參訪活動並繳交心得報告,始得畢業。行動不便、機能障礙、患有隱性病(如癲癇等)及患有法定傳染病者,宜審慎考慮,以免影響將來學習及就業。
What the students learned from our department are what the industry needs from them. We cooperate with a hundred over hospitality retailers to provide hands-on experience for students, providing them with the professional abilities and skills necessary to become entrepreneurs upon graduation.
*Features of Department
1. We invite expertise of managerial positions from the hospitality industry to be the instructors of this department for the purpose to develop students’ insight into the real world of hospitality industry. The skills students learned in the department are in accordance with the industry standards.
2. We work together with a hundred over hospitality retailers as our educational partner, which provides plenty chances for internship.
3. The teaching modules include hospitality management and market studies, which equips students with the skills necessary to start their own business after graduation.
4. As parts of our exchange program, students have the opportunities to work in overseas hospitality retailers that will expand their professional knowledge with a global view.


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