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National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Bachelor Program in International Management

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Language of instruction
75% taught in English

Due to the influence of the knowledge based economy, global competition and multiple values, Bachelor Program in International Project Management was founded in 2008. So as to adapt to the international trends and improve our teaching quality, we changed it into Bachelor Program in International Management in 2014. The program recruits elite students from not only both high school and vocational high school in Taiwan but also all over the world. In addition to the enhancing international perspective core curriculum and experiencing extracurricular, students can choose module courses from all departments whichever they are interested in at the same time. We welcome students with global perspective, and those who dare to impact international management practices and improve the world.
1.Professional courses of international oriented

We provide professional courses including International Business Management, Intercultural Communication, International Political Economy, International current situation, International Business Communication, International Human Resource Management, Global Logistic Management, International Marketing Management, International Innovation Management, International Financial Management, and International Enterprise Case Study. The courses are diverse and focus on establishment and cultivation of international and professional management knowledge.

2.Enriching language capability
Our program projects English environment; engaging visiting professors improve elite student’s professional English.

3.Experiencing foreign learning
We provide students foreign learning opportunity by joining the following activities:
1).Foreign exchange programs
Schools locate in Europe, United States, Japan, and China.

2).Global internship programs
Enterprises locate in Germany, Thailand, Vietnam, and China

3).Summer and winter study abroad programs
Including India, Vietnam, China, Rhode Island (USA), Denver (USA), and Seattle (USA)

4). Seminars and courses taught by foreign visiting professors
Our visiting professors come from USA, Australia, India, and China.


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