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National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

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National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (abbreviation YunTech) is one of leading technological institutions of higher education in Taiwan, Republic of China. Founded in 1991, an enormous amount of resources was put in to construct the university and ensure the quality of its facilities. Since then, YunTech has grown from an institute with 8 departments and 240 students to an active university with 351 full-time faculties, 20 departments, 33 master programs, and 15 doctoral programs with approximately 9,600 students in 2009, which promotes academic teaching and professional training by emphasizing theory and practice as well as technology and humanities.

YunTech is a major contributor to the local community and country. It is active in providing technological service and personnel training for the local industry. To keep up with the latest developments in science and technology, various R & D centers were established to stimulate research and contribute to the nation’s technological and cultural achievements.

Located in Douliou, Yunlin, Central Taiwan, within easy access via highways and railway system, 50.6km west of Sun Moon Lake, 226km south of Taipei city and 141km north of Kaohsiung city, YunTech is famous for its spacious and scenic campus and artistic buildings that occupy 60 hectares. The huge and pictorial area surrounding University was designed to host the county administrative buildings, including the County Government, County Council, County Constabulary, Indoor Arena, Art Exhibition Center, and Sports Park, etc. Enclosed by such beautiful constructions, campus facilities are enjoyed by faculty, students, staff and visitors as well.

Establish year : 1991

Type of institution : National technical University

Feature area : Business, administration and law, Arts and humanities, Engineering, manufacturing and construction, Education, Services

Contact : Office of International Affairs

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TEL | +886-5-534-2601 Ext. 2392/2393

Faculty : 370

Student : 9828

Undergraduate 6511

Graduate 3241 International Students 76

Academics : 64

College 4 Department 21 Grad. Inst. 39