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National Chiayi University

Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

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Bachelor / Master
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Taught in Chinese

Based on the research aided teaching principle, the Department aims to promote sustainable development of forest ecosystem and to maximize the availability of multiple forest services. The goals have been accomplishing by development of teaching program and intensive research in the science and technology of forest management, silviculture, and ecology. The faculties in the Department have expertise in remote sensing and geospatial techniques, forest ecosystem management, forest engineering, forest certification and economics, tissue culture, natural resources inventory, and wildlife ecology. Besides the basic knowledge in forest science, our students will be empowered to be able to carry out the work of resources inventory/planning/ management independently and/or collaboratively.

Curriculum Planning
The Department offers B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees for students in the science of forest ecology, silviculture, and forest management. All undergraduate and graduate students are required to complete 128 and 36 credits including a thesis in partial fulfillment of the degree, respectively. The core courses in forest ecology category include distribution of local trees, advanced conservation biology. The major courses in silvicultural technology category are plant growth regulator, methods of ericoid mycorrhizal research, advanced conservation biology. The core courses in forest management category offered in the department are methodologies of remote sensing for natural resources management, forest conservation and management policies, tree-ring analysis and forest ecological engineering. The one who is interested in pursuing a degree of forest science is encouraged to explore the websites of departmental laboratories for detail of research programs.

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