University & Program

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Graduate School of Design

Program Level
Master / Doctoral
Language of instruction
50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

1. Master
(1) Multiculturalism: Culture is the root of the design, to view global outlook as horizon and local culture as basis, to learn and experience different cultures, and then expand multicultural, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary academic researches.
(2) Design integration: To cultivate solving ability of integrated design issues, and train students to be equipped with concept of synchronous design and manufacture, application of reverse design, planning of marketing strategy and other practical design skills.
2. Ph.D
Extending the multiculturalism into 「Design Theory and Education」 and 「Design Technology and Computing」, and boarding the design integration into 「Design Technology and Computing」 and 「Design Planning and Management」 to making the Doctoral degree develop into four major research fields and direction.
Design Theory and Education: Theoretical study of areas of expertise and interdisciplinary integration, and also longitudinal and transverse design education.
Design technology and computing: Applied research new media technology uses in auxiliary and computing of design process.
​●Design Integration
Design, Humanities and Art: From the cultural and aesthetic point of view to discuss behavior of form and establish study of application mode.
Design Planning and Management: Overall design concept and practice, Design policy and strategy formulation, design management and other discussion and application


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