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Chaoyang University of Technology

Ph.D. Program, Applied Chemistry Program in Biochemical Technology

Program Level
Language of instruction
Above 90% taught in English
Fall / Spring

1) Course Features
The department provides students with four chemistry related expertise disciplines: Organic fine chemical technology, Material science, Analytical technology, Plant and plant protection biotechnology, and Bioprocessing technology.

2) Research Areas
There are 16 full-time faculty members in Biochemistry/Chemistry and affiliate faculty offers the Ph.D. program in Chemistry/Biochemical technology. Research programs fall into the general areas of Agrotechnology, Natural product chemistry, Cell biology, Material Chemistry, and Organic chemistry. Our students go on to successful academic, industrial, and government careers in today’s hi-tech world of chemistry and biotechnology. Embodying the philosophy of learning by practice, the department enforces a teacher-apprentice system led by groups of faculty members with similar research interests. Such education system will ensure the employment of graduates, and their competence in their selected job positions.


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