Chaoyang University of Technology

  • Year Founded :1994
  • Faculty :600
  • Students :14426
  • International Students :826

Chaoyang University of Technology, established in 1994, is the first private technological university in Taiwan. It locates at Wufeng, Taichung, a place gathering people and culture. We have six colleges containing 5 Ph.D. programs, 23 Master’s Classes, and 25 Departments with around 14,500 students and 600 faculty members. We achieve excellence and enter various renowned international rankings: 1000+ in the World University Rankings of Times Higher Education (THE) for four straight years; 300+ in Asia Pacific University; 400+ in Young University; 400+ in Asia University; 500+ in Emerging Economy; 601-800 in Impact Rankings; 601-800 by the subject of Computer Science; 801-1000 by the subject of Engineering and Technology; 501-550 in QS Asia University Rankings; Top 100 in the GreenMetric World University Rankings for four consecutive years.

The University has of 6 colleges and 25 departments offering 25 Bachelor’s and 23 Master's programs and 5 Doctoral programs.

College of Management: Department of Business Administration, Department of Finance, Department of Accounting, Department of Marketing and Logistics Management, Department of Leisure Service Management, Department of Insurance and Department of Golden-Ager Industry Management.

College of Design: Department of Architecture, Department of Visual Communication Design, Department of Industrial Design and Department of Landscape and Urban Design.

College of Informatics: Department of Information Management, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, and Department of Information and Communication Engineering.
College of Science and Engineering: Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Department of Applied Chemistry, Department of Environmental Engineering Management and Department of Aeronautical Engineering.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences: Department pf Communication Arts, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Department of Early Childhood Development and Education, and Department of Social Work.

College of Aviation: Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Department of Aviation Technology and Department of Air Transport Management.

To achieve globalization, the school signs collaboration pacts with over 640 overseas universities and recruits world-class scholars and foreign intellectuals from Austria, Hungary, Israel, South Russia, Britain, America, Canada, and Turkey as part of the teaching team. The school sponsors a thousand students to participate in overseas study schemes each year. They have opportunities to join study tours, exchange programs, dual-degree programs, overseas learning, international competition and conferences, volunteer service, and overseas internship. The school also invests TWD 500 million in establishing the College of Aviation. On top of the existing Department of Aeronautical Engineering, the newly set up Department of Aviation Technology this year becomes the only institute in Taiwan that works with airlines to provide professional pilot training besides the Air Force Academy, which attracted attention from all walks of life.

Year Founded : 1994

Type of institution : Private technical University

Contact : Office of International and Cross-Strait Cooperation

TEL : +886-4-23323000

Email : [email protected]

Contact : Sylvia Huang

TEL : +886-4-23323000 ext. 3139

Email : [email protected]

Contact : Jacques Lee

TEL : [email protected]

Email : +886-4-23323000 ext. 3124

Address : 168 Jifong E. Rd., Wufong District, Taichung City, 413310, Taiwan, R.O.C.





Faculty : 600

Students : 14426

Undergraduate : 12600

Graduate : 1000

International Students : 826

Academics : 54

Colleges : 6

Departments : 25

Graduate Institutes : 23

Campus features

School Features

  • Sports facilities
  • Gymnasium
  • Wifi on campus
  • International student service
  • Homestay placement service
  • Chinese language support
  • Career guidance
  • Banking facilities
  • Accommodation advisory service

Accommodation Options

  • Onsite apartments
  • Homestay
  • Halls of residence
  • Boarding hostel

Religious Facilities

  • Temple
  • Muslim Prayer Space
  • Chapel