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Tungnan University

Department of Interior Design

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Language of instruction
Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

Educational Goal: The educational goals of this department are as follows: (1) developing students’ creative thinking skills and design capabilities applicable to ergonomic design by combining aesthetic design with technical and scientific applications; (2) fostering the idea of design as having cultural connotations as well as keeping up with current social trends by integrating concepts regarding health, ecology, and energy saving into the professional field of interior design, in accordance with the aims of sustainable development. In curriculum planning, courses in this department are divided into three areas/modules: Core courses: basic design (I) to (II), graphics, color schemes, human factors engineering, computer-aided design, computer aided drafting, performance techniques, indoor materials and construction, interior design (I) to (VI), interior decoration practice, working drawings, multimedia production and application, the interior physical environment, interior design Practical Projects. Interior energy-saving design: interior energy conservation and hydro-power design, air-conditioning design principles, lighting design, air conditioning design practices thematic green building indoor environment, furniture design. Interior decoration project management: interior fire safety materials and valuation, labor safety and health, the interior building codes and deed, interior decoration project management.


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