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Tungnan University

Department of Information Technology

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Under 50% taught in English
Fall / Spring

The department is focused on integrating a theoretical foundation with practical experience in information technology and communications. We seek to foster the development of study, design, and implementation skills in computer and information engineering as follows: In order to foster professional technical specialists and fulfill the demands in the development of modern engineering technology, the academic curriculum includes multimedia networking, communications systems and computer systems. Much emphasis is placed on our core programs that integrate information technology with communication engineering so that all students can be exposed to all facets of current information technology and communication engineering concepts by the final year. The course design has combined state-of-the-art technology with systems integration, so the students will be able to do jobs in systems planning, product design and development, and manufacturing. Three major fields are taught in the department: Cloud Technology Applications, Embedded Systems and Multimedia Applications. Students can choose one of these fields to which to concentrate his/her energy. The department also offers courses and programs in information technology and computer science for more technologically-inclined students, and there are well-equipped teaching laboratories for the purpose of doing academic research.


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