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Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology

This university was founded in 1966 under the name – Chungtai Junior College of Technology. After 1998, it was granted to upgrade to Chung-Tai Institute of Health Sciences and Technology. In 2005, the college was changed name and upgraded to the Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology (CTUST).
The CTUST offers 14 undergraduate programs and 11 postgraduate programs and 1 Ph.D. program(Radiological Science)in the following 4 colleges:
Ⅰ. College of Health Sciences:
1) Dept. of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology
(Graduate Institute of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology)
2) Dept. of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences(Graduate Institute of Radiological Science)
3) Dept. of Dental Technology and Materials Science
4) Dept. of Food Science and Technology(Graduate Institute of Food Science and Technology)
5) Dept. of Safety Health and Environmental Engineering
6) Dept. of Optometry
7) Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science
8) Graduate Institute of Biotechnology
9) Graduate Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
10) Graduate Institute of Safety and Disaster Prevention Technology

Ⅱ. College of Nursing:
1) Dept. of Nursing
2)Dept. of Elder Care
3) Graduate Institute of Nursing
4) Graduate Institute of Cultural and Education Management

Ⅲ. College of Management:
1) Dept. of Healthcare Administration
2) Dept. of Management Information Systems
3) Dept. of Marketing Management
4) Dept. of International Business

Ⅲ. College of Humanities and General Education:
1) Dept. of Applied Foreign Languages
2) Graduate Institute of Healthcare Administration
3) Dept. of Children Education and Enterprise Management

We are committed to an ongoing recruitment of excellent teachers as we endeavor to further upgrade the level of teaching, research, service, industrial/academic collaboration, extended education and international cooperation. It is our sincere hope to cultivate excellent medical technology, health, nursing and management practitioners who will do their parts to enable our country to stride forward into the forefront of 21st century development.

Establish year : 1966

Location : Taichung City

Type of institution : National technical University

Feature area : Health and social welfare, Business, administration and law

Contact : Center of Student Recruitment & International Cooperation

Email |

TEL | +886-4-22391647 ext. 8040, 8033

Faculty : 263

Student : 9484

Undergraduate | 8983

Graduate | 456

International Students | 45

Academics : 21

College | 4 Department | 14 Grad. Inst. | 3