Tajen University

  • Year Founded :1966
  • Faculty :271
  • Students :6726
  • International Students :111

Mr. Taoyi Huang. the current Chairman of the Board, and Mrs. Yuan Tsai Lee founded Tajen Pharmacy Institute which was a five-year junior college in 1966. The current President is Dr. Shan-Hwei Ou.
Since its foundation, Tajen has seen itself grow and prosper. In August, 1999, Tajen was upgraded from a five- year junior college to a four-year college, and subsequently with the permission of the Ministry of Education, in August of 2005, it was again promoted to Tajen University of Technology, offering four-year college programs, two-year bachelor degree college programs particularly for the junior college graduates, another two-year junior college programs for general high school graduates, and the original 5-year junior college programs. Since its foundation, Tajen has been implementing its motto, pursuing the goal of becoming an excellent university of higher education, and acting as a high- standard life-long learning academic institution.
At present, the student population is around 11,000. and the total faculty members is 368. Tajen has been rated as one of the top ten universities of technology.
The main campus covers a scenic area of thirty hectares, and the second campus is under construction. In addition to the current buildings, it is planned to have buildings for College of Management. College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and olher related facilities in the near future. Presently, each department is equipped with state of the art teaching facilities which allow teachers, staff and students to use cutting edge technology through the learning process. For example, the new Administration Building contains a high technology Library and information Center. Advanced information management equipment allows for a worldwide computer-assisted information search at several stations within the library.
Tajen consistently places emphasis on leaching quality and research. Right now more than 90% of the staff hold a Master degree or a Doctoral degree. In fact, more than 50% of the faculty hold a Ph.D.
Under the belief of long-term prospect, efficiency, prowess, and caring, Tajen has strong humane and proficient managerial teams that are willing to take on challenges. Thus, Tajen has created a warm, harmonious campus culture, and meanwhile, provides a variety of programs to meet students needs and to help students pursue excellence.

Year Founded : 1966

Type of institution : Private technical University

Contact : Center of International Cooperation

TEL : +886-8-7624002 ext1851

Email : admission@mail.tajen.edu.tw

Address : No.20, Weixin Rd., Yanpu Township, Pingtung County 907, Taiwan


Faculty : 271

Students : 6726

Undergraduate : 6395

Graduate : 220

International Students : 111

Academics : 26

Colleges : 3

Departments : 18

Graduate Institutes : 5