Hungkuang University

  • Year Founded :1967
  • Faculty :666
  • Students :14013
  • International Students :700

Hungkuang University, initially established as the Hungkuang Junior College of Nursing, was founded in 1967 by Dr. Yu-Lin Wang with the mission of “Caring for Humanity, Cherishing Life.” In response to changes and needs of the times, the school was elevated to the Hungkuang Institute of Technology in 1997 and to Hungkuang University in 2003. Currently there are 5 colleges: the College of Nursing, the College of Medical and Health Care, the College of Human Science and Social Innovation, the College of Intelligent Technology, and the College of General Education. These five colleges support 22 departments, 10 graduate institutes, and 1 doctoral program. The university has a student body of 13,000. The university is not only recognized as a leader in Taiwan for health and human welfare, it also runs an affiliated Hospital for Elderly Care and three affiliated preschools.

Year Founded : 1967

Type of institution : Private technical University

Feature areas :

Arts and humanities, Business, administration and law, Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, Information and communication technologies, Engineering, manufacturing and construction, Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary medicine

Contact : International and Cross-Straight Affairs Center

TEL : +886-4-2631-8652 ext 2234

Email :

Address : No. 1018, Sec. 6, Taiwan Boulevard, Shalu District, Taichung City 43302, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Faculty : 666

Student : 14013

Undergraduate : 13000

Graduate : 313

International Students : 700

Academics : 37

College : 5

Department : 22

Grad. Inst. : 10