Chang Jung Christian University

  • Year Founded :1993
  • Faculty :343
  • Students :10329
  • International Students :45

To be the excellent international christian university!

I. CJCU Incentives for Overseas Chinese Students: 1. For newly admitted overseas Chinese students studying at the undergraduate level, a fixed subsidy of TWD $35,000 is offered in the first semester of enrollment. 2. From the second semester of study, following the regulations of scholarships, overseas Chinese students can apply for the University Scholarship (i.e. TWD $ 25,000 for each semester), or apply for the MOE Taiwan Scholarship (i.e. TWD $ 36,000 per academic year). To help overseas Chinese students studying in Taiwan, other funding programs and financial assistance are also available upon request. 3. For overseas Chinese students from low-income households, CJCU will offer work-study programs to help them complete their studies. II. Important Announcement for Freshmen Students: 1. Newly admitted freshmen students are guaranteed an offer of accommodation. 2. CJCU is close to the Tainan High Speed Rail. Thanks to Taiwan Railway Shalun Line, CJCU is the only university in Taiwan with a dedicated train stop, offering easy transportation to the Tainan High Speed Rail station and the downtown Tainan train station. 3. CJCU is one of the member institutions of the Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA), actively promoting international cooperation and student exchange programs with more than 80 sister colleges and 40 universities around the world. 4. Freshmen students are required to take labor education courses (including programs of labor practicing and training), and are required to take part in the jobs of campus cleaning and environment maintenance in the morning. 5. CJCU has the graduation threshold of English competence. Please refer to the website of the Language Education Center for further information. 6. As a Christian University, CJCU values the virtues of humanity and Church’s caring spirit. III. Those students studying at the undergraduate level, who received five-year high school education in their home countries, should take at least extra twelve course credits on General Education apart from the number of credits required in the major.

Year Founded : 1993

Type of institution : Privates University

Feature areas :

Business, administration and law, Arts and humanities, Information and communication technologies, Health and social welfare, Unspecified

Contact : Office of Admissions

TEL : +886-6-2785123 ext.1814

Email :

Address : No.1,Changda Rd.,Gueiren District, Tainan City 71101, Taiwan(R.O.C.)

Faculty : 343

Student : 10329

Undergraduate : 9684

Graduate : 600

International Students : 45

Academics : 52

College : 6

Department : 42

Grad. Inst. : 4