Huafan University

  • Year Founded :1990
  • Faculty :120
  • Students :2342
  • International Students :22

Huafan is proud to be the first university founded by the Buddhist community among the Chinese-speaking countries. The University has incorporated the ideals of both Chinese education and Buddhist culture into its curricula.

In 1990, Huafan College of Technology was established by the Ven. Hiu Wan, artist and educator, and was renamed Huafan College of Humanities and Technology in 1993. In 1997, it was accredited its present status of a full-fledged university.

Located in the rural area outside of Taipei, Huafan prides itself on its sublime educational ideals, its energetic teaching faculty, and its serene mountainous surroundings.

Educational Philosophy
Our goal as an educational institution is to help students improve themselves through self-education, or the “Education of Enlightenment” as advocated by our founder, the Ven. Hiu Wan. This involves self-awakening, self-development and human-oriented education based on Chinese ethics and Buddhist compassion. Our objectives are to cultivate out students' academic competency as well as the integrity of their personality, to help them achieve wisdom and compassion and to ultimately benefit mankind as a whole. Only by integration of Hua (Chinese culture) and Fan (Buddhism) in our education can this goal be reached.

Year Founded : 1990

Type of institution : Privates University

Contact : admission office

TEL : 886-2-26632102 ext. 2233 or 2232

Email : [email protected]

Contact : 高先生

TEL : 886-2-26632102 ext. 2233

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Contact : 邱小姐

TEL : 886-2-26632102 ext. 2232

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Address : 1 Huafan Rd., Shihding Dist., New Taipei City 22301, Taiwan



Faculty : 120

Students : 2342

Undergraduate : 1864

Graduate : 456

International Students : 22

Academics : 28

Colleges : 4

Departments : 12

Graduate Institutes : 12