National Chin-Yi University of Technology

  • Year Founded :1971
  • Faculty :286
  • Students :11140
  • International Students :144

National Chin-Yi University of Technology, among the best universities of technology in Taiwan, with generous SCHOLARSHIP for international students. Full English lectures are supported in Master/Ph. D. programs. TUITION: 3300 USD/year. First year, we offer FULL SCHOLARSHIP of 3300 USD. Starting from the second year, we offer HALF SCHOLARSHIP of 1600 USD plus 660 USD in cash if you are top 40 GPA performance international student at NCUT. Daily meal cost is approx. 150 USD/month. Dormitory is approx. 87 USD/month. Medical insurance is approx. 17-25 USD/month.

NCUT was founded as a private school by an enthusiastic educator. Operated with efficiency and lofty goals, NCUT earn high acclaims elsewhere. In 1992, the founder of this school donated it to the government, and it had become a national institution then. In these years, the past presidents followed the founder’s motto to build up a democratic campus with first-rate teachers, latest equipments, and supreme technology and experience. As a result, our graduates are welcomed by the business. In the 21st century, through frequent international exchange, we are confidence to take all the challenges with competitiveness.

Year Founded : 1971

Type of institution : National technical University

Contact : Office of International Affairs

TEL : +886-4-23924505 ext.2199

Email : [email protected]

Address : No.57, Sec. 2, Zhongshan Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung 41170, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Faculty : 286

Students : 11140

Undergraduate : 10098

Graduate : 898

International Students : 144

Academics : 32

Colleges : 5

Departments : 14

Graduate Institutes : 13