National United University

  • Year Founded :1969
  • Faculty :318
  • Students :8127
  • International Students :6

✽ Our school was established in 1972 and funded by government, ✽ NUU is located in the center of Miaoli City, providing beautiful landscape and good life function. ✽ Two campuses of 70 hectares of multiple-function campus, providing excellent environment for learning, research and exercise. ✽ Students can apply for oversea internship and exchange program at more than100 international partner universities, ✽ NUU have developed dual degree program with several esteemed partner universities.

NUU is a university celebrated for its dedication to cultivating students with interests in science as well as in engineering for many years. In order to balance academic performance of our school, a great deal of efforts have been made in recent years to establish departments focusing on Liberal Arts education, in an attempt to integrate Humanities and Technology, thus making our school a comprehensive university. Located in Miao-li, a county between the city of Hsin-chu, known for the world-renowned Science Park, and the city of Tai-chung, famous for the prosperous Industrial Park, NUU renders students the geographical advantage to seek for plenty of work opportunities after their college study. Those who tend to pursue higher education outperform a lot of students in other universities, thanks to the devotion and instruction from all the earnest professors at our school. The University has been awarded as one of the teaching excellence universities by Ministry of Education from 2006 to 2011.

There are more than 7,000 students enrolled in the following five colleges:
1. College of Science and Engineering
2. College of Electric Engineering and Computer Science
3. College of Management
4. College of Hakka Studies
5. College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Year Founded : 1969

Type of institution : National University

Contact : Office of Academic Affairs

TEL : +886-37-381131

Email : [email protected]

Address : 2, Lienda, Miaoli 36003,Taiwan,R.O.C


Faculty : 318

Students : 8127

Undergraduate : 7644

Graduate : 477

International Students : 6

Academics : 27

Colleges : 6

Departments : 19

Graduate Institutes : 2