National Taitung University

  • Year Founded :1948
  • Faculty :199
  • Students :5036
  • International Students :54

A green, internationalized university.

In 1948, “Taiwan Provincial Taitung Teachers School” was established to cultivate teachers for elementary school. In following the trends of teacher educational advancements and government policies, it had been through a series of renames. In 1969 it was upgraded to “Taiwan Provincial Taitung Teachers Junior College”, and then to “Taiwan Provincial Teachers College” in 1987, then “National Taitung Teachers College” in 1991. In 2003 it was upgraded to National Taitung University (NTTU), the only comprehensive university in Taitung.

NTTU consists of three colleges, namely College of Humanities, College of Science and Engineering, Teachers College and the total number of students in NTTU is around 4500. There are various academic departments and graduate institutes under these three colleges.

National Taitung University is a place not only excellent for learning but also rich for inspiration. We provide students theory, research and practice. Through experiences in and out of classroom, students develop the ability of critical thinking, the knowledge for challenging professions, team work spirit and positive working attitude. We also encourage students to be warm in heart and active in action. In NTTU students, faculty and staff all share a commitment to pursuing innovation and make contribution for society.

Year Founded : 1948

Type of institution : National University

Contact : Center of International Affairs

TEL : +886-89-517870

Email : [email protected]

Address : 369, Sec. 2, University Rd., Taitung, Taiwan, R.O.C.




Faculty : 199

Students : 5036

Undergraduate : 3962

Graduate : 1020

International Students : 54

Academics : 43

Colleges : 3

Departments : 21

Graduate Institutes : 19

Campus features

School Features

  • Sports facilities
  • Gymnasium
  • Wifi on campus
  • International student service
  • Homestay placement service
  • Chinese language support
  • Career guidance
  • Banking facilities
  • Accommodation advisory service

Accommodation Options

  • Onsite apartments
  • Homestay
  • Halls of residence
  • Boarding hostel

Religious Facilities

  • Temple
  • Muslim Prayer Space
  • Chapel