National Taipei Universtiy of Technology

  • Year Founded :1912
  • Faculty :1077
  • Students :10162
  • International Students :1100

TAIPEI TECH was established in 1912 and has since produced quite a number of outstanding alumni and graduates who have contributed much to the economic development and prosperity of Taiwan. TAIPEI TECH has had much experience in international cooperation. TAIPEI TECH is an institution that will not only give you excellent training and needed skills, but also gain the opportunity to enjoy the richness of Chinese culture that Taipei has to offer.

National Taipei University of Technology (TAIPEI TECH) was established in 1912. As a pioneering academic institute dedicated to industrial education and with over a century of long-standing history and experience in education, Taipei Tech has nurtured numerous technical professionals. Since 1912, over 90,000 students have graduated from Taipei Tech. At home and abroad, they have demonstrated outstanding achievements in professional fields as well as academic arenas.
Now, as internationalization is a key strategy of Taipei Tech, the university has established 6 English taught programs especially for international students. The principal objective of these degree programs is to prepare students by acquiring the knowledge and developing the skills necessary for career advancement in a global context.

Year Founded : 1912

Type of institution : National technical University

Contact : Office of International Affairs

TEL : +886-2-2771-2171 ext.6500

Email : [email protected]

Address : 1, Sec. 3, Zhong-Xiao E. Rd., Taipei, 10608, Taiwan, R.O.C.



Faculty : 1077

Students : 10162

Undergraduate : 5,836

Graduate : 3,226

International Students : 1100

Academics : 33

Colleges : 6

Departments : 19

Graduate Institutes : 8

Campus features

School Features

  • Sports facilities
  • Gymnasium
  • Wifi on campus
  • International student service
  • Homestay placement service
  • Chinese language support
  • Career guidance
  • Banking facilities
  • Accommodation advisory service

Accommodation Options

  • Onsite apartments
  • Homestay
  • Halls of residence
  • Boarding hostel

Religious Facilities

  • Temple
  • Muslim Prayer Space
  • Chapel