Soochow University

  • Year Founded :1900
  • Faculty :460
  • Students :15726
  • International Students :88

Globalized your future with Soochow University!

Soochow University (SU), founded in 1900 in Suzhou, was the first western-style university in China. After it was re-established in Taiwan in 1951, SU became the first private university on the island.

After 60 years of hard work in Taiwan, the university has grown and become fully accredited, turning into one of the most prestigious private universities in Taiwan, complete with six schools, 23 departments, and 54 full-time degree programs.

SU adheres to the best of the university’s traditions while sticking to the motto “Unto a Full Grown Man” when steadfastly carrying out our education programs. The first and only School of Big Data Management in Taiwan was established at SU in 2015. In February 2017, the School of Business acquired AACSB accreditation. SU is also well-recognized in many other aspects. It gained recognition as a“Teaching Excellence Program” by the Ministry of Education for years and for producing “Enterprises’ Favorite Graduates” among private comprehensive universities in a survey conducted by Global Views Monthly in 2016. SU also received the “Top Comprehensive Private University Award” from the 1111 Job Bank job-search site in 2017 and was ranked sixth among private comprehensive universities in Taiwan by the 2016 QS Asia Rankings.

SU has two campuses: the Waishuanghsi campus in Shilin District and the Downtown campus in Zhongzheng District. Transportation between the two campuses is convenient. Both campuses have their own unique cultural and academic resources and distinctive learning environments.
The Waishuanghsi campus is located at the cultural axis of Taipei City. Near the National Palace Museum, among lush green hills and a clear stream flowing by, the Waishuanghsi Campus presents a spectacular view of the surrounding hills and offers students a superior study environment. The School of Arts & Social Sciences, School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, School of Science, and School of Big-Data Management are located on this campus.

The School of Law, School of Business, and the School of Extension Education are located at the Downtown Campus in the administrative and commercial center of Taipei. The faculty and students can perform their academic work using the rich resources offered by adjacent administrative and commercial institutions as well as libraries.

Year Founded : 1900

Type of institution : Privates University

Contact : Office of International and Cross-Strait Academic Exchange

TEL : +886-2-28819471 ext. 5364-5369

Email : [email protected]

Address : 70 Linhsi Road, Shihlin ,Taipei ,Taiwan 11102, R.O.C.

Faculty : 460

Students : 15726

Undergraduate : 13083

Graduate : 2555

International Students : 88

Academics : 50

Colleges : 6

Departments : 23

Graduate Institutes : 21