National Taiwan College of Performing Arts

  • Year Founded :1957
  • Faculty :214
  • Students :551
  • International Students :15

Professional Faculty We have a diverse and strong faculty, including the best professors and instructors in the fields of traditional operas, traditional music, acrobatics and contemporary theater, as well as the first-class performers and researchers. Our professional faculty also includes the top performers in Jingju Troupe and Acrobatic Troupe of the NTCPA, who are required to teach on campus, to promote the local traditional arts, and to train the potential performing artists. Education of Overseas Chinese Students We work closely with the important organizations of Chinese-teaching and overseas Chinese students, in order to enrich student’s learning experiences. Since 2014, we have held camps of traditional opera and provided various online courses for overseas Chinese students. In addition to promoting traditional performing arts and expanding the cultural horizons of our students and instructors, we also aim to overcome the learning challenges for overseas Chinese students. By sharing our researches and experiences, we provide various teaching resources for overseas cultural instructors. Youth Cultural Diplomacy With a firm belief in the crucial role that traditional performing arts can play in cultural diplomacy, our professors work closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s international Youth Ambassador Exchange Program. In 2011 and 2013, our students were selected to be Western Asia traditional art youth ambassadors, who not only visited many other countries (such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Mongolia, United Arabic Emirate, Jordan, Bahrain and Oman) but also performed in several national festivals and events—making a substantial contribution to the fields of traditional performing arts. Career Expectation Future employment opportunities can be found in both domestic and international performance arts fields. Some of our alumni have become professional TV broadcasters, actors, musicians and theater technicians, while some have stayed in the fi

With a humble beginning, a long up-and-down history of growth and development, and a determined sense of responsibility, the College has advanced to become a legitimate academic institution for traditional theatre professionals. We conduct a continuous education system designed to fulfìll our mission of nurturing artistic talents in the major fìelds of traditional theatre: Jing Ju (or Beijing opera), Acrobatics, Xi Qu Music, Taiwanese opera, Theatre Arts, and Hakka Opera. This system is composed of four academic divisions (training stages): “elementary (foundational stage), junior high (basic stage), senior vocational high (advanced stage), and college (mastery stage), and each academic department conducts a 12-year, 10-year, or 7-year program respectively. Step-by-step and individualized pedagogy is applied, and the goal is developing traditional theatre artists with unique skills and profound humanism.
With a long history of excellence and accomplishment, the school is devoted to the mission of "Heritage and Innovation, Mastery and Excellence". “Traditional theatre reaching out to the world” is essential to the future of NTCPA, so we do pursue not only cross-strait exchange but also international culture conversation and artistic communication. Firmly established on the local and looking beyond to the world, the goal of NTCPA is to open up a new landscape for traditional theatre in Taiwan.

  本校在既有優良傳統與弘揚戲曲之雙重使命下,本諸「承先啟後,精益求精」之校訓,為戲曲藝術持續開拓新境界。「傳統戲劇深入到世界」是戲曲學院必不可少的未來,所以我們所追求的不僅是兩岸交流,且是國際對話和藝術交流。根植臺灣本土,展望世界未來, 戲曲學院的目標確立於開拓傳統戲劇在台灣的新景觀。

Year Founded : 1957

Type of institution : National technical University

Contact : Office of Research and Development

TEL : +886-2-27962666# ext.1145

Email : [email protected]

Contact : LIU Wen-chi

TEL : +886-2-2796-2666 ext.1220

Email : [email protected]

Address : No. 8-1, Ln. 66, Sec. 3, Muzha Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116008 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Faculty : 214

Students : 551

Undergraduate : 536

International Students : 15

Academics : 7

Colleges : 1

Departments : 6

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School Features

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  • Gymnasium
  • Wifi on campus
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Religious Facilities

  • Temple
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