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National University of Tainan

1.Founded on June 30, 1899. The name of the school was ‘Tainan Teachers School’.
2.The school was renamed ‘Taiwan Provincial Tainan Normal School’ on January 5, 1946.
3.The school was upgraded to the junior college level and renamed ‘Taiwan Provincial Tainan Teachers Junior College’ on August 15, 1962.
4.The school was upgraded to the college level and renamed ‘Taiwan Provincial Tainan Teachers College’ on July 1, 1987.
5.The school was restructured to become national and renamed ‘National Tainan Teachers College’ on July 1, 1991.
6.The school was upgraded to the university level and named ‘National University of Tainan’ on August 1, 2004. It officially transformed from the teacher college into the comprehensive university.

*The University is distinguished for its beautiful historical buildings, as well as high academic achievements. Bachelor, Master and Doctorate programs are offered in the following 6 colleges:
˙College of Education
˙College of Humanities and Social Sciences
˙College of Science and Engineering
˙College of Environmental Sciences and Ecology
˙College of Performance and Visual Arts
˙College of Management

There are currently 230 full-time faculty members in our university, including 100 Professors (43.5%), 93 Associate Professors (40.5%), 36 Assistant Professors (15.5%), and 1 Lecturers (0.5%). Among them, the number of the faculty members with PhD degree is 220 (93%).

There are currently 5,709 students, 3,940 undergraduates and 1,769 postgraduates.

*International Cooperation and Academic Exchange*
NUTN is devoted to promoting the international cooperation with universities worldwide. We have signed official agreements with 146 foreign universities in 25 countries. The scope for mutual cooperation includes faculty exchange, student exchange, international academic conferences, joint research projects, overseas internships, and double degree programs.

*Features and Future Development*
1.To establish the NUTN as a brand for talent cultivation and to well play the role of the university in the modernized society.
2.To strengthen the cooperation with local government and industry, presenting a university manifesting its rich locality and international engagement.
3.To vitalize the learning environment through the hidden curricula on campus, such as the Big Master Forum, and Innovative and Think-Out-of-Box practices.
4.To promote personnel innovation and administrative efficiency to upgrade the teaching and service quality, maintaining academic freedom, justice and learning right of students.
5.To strengthen the link with alumni and society resources to achieve the educational goal of the university.
6.To become a refined exemplary university with local and regional profound characteristics, well-connected with the international community.

Establish year : 1899

Location : Tainan City

Type of institution : National University

Feature area : Education, Arts and humanities, Business, administration and law, Information and communication technologies, Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics

Contact : Office of International Affairs

Email |

TEL | +886-6-2133111 ext. 856

Faculty : 242

Student : 5915

Undergraduate | 4020

Graduate | 1859

International Students | 36

Academics : 29

College | 6 Department | 21 Grad. Inst. | 2