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Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

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Located along the southwest coast of Taiwan in Tainan City, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST) is a competitive international university dedicated to providing students a well-rounded education in both the humanities and technology. Founded in 1969, STUST has quickly moved from a junior college of technology to a full-fledged university with an emphasis on both teaching and research. STUST is composed of 4 colleges (The College of Engineering, The College of Business, The College of Digital Design, and The College of Humanities and Social Sciences) and 28 departments, 32 master programs, and 4 doctoral programs. We currently have more than 18,000 enrolled students, of which 700 are international students coming from 36 different countries. Our faculty of 550 strives to establish a strong global mindset and independent thinking in each of our students. The campus area is about 16.5 hectares.

1.1. Achievements
STUST has many outstanding achievements and is regarded as one of the best universities in Taiwan. Some of our remarkable accomplishments are highlighted below:
 STUST College of Business has been accredited by AACSB in May 2017.
 Ranked 2nd in educational funding subsidized by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education (MOE) as Teaching and Learning Excellence for 2006-2016.
 Awarded the second highest funding by MOE as Paradigm Technology University for 2011-2015.
 Awarded 4 million Taiwan dollars for “Future University” Project by MOE, the only private university of science and technology granted.
 STUST Innovation Incubator Center received “University Incubator of the Year” by NBIA, USA in 2016, the first university incubator center to be granted with this honor.
 Ranked #8 of Top 20 Universities of Outstanding Performance for 2015.
 Rated by industries as the most favored graduates for 8 consecutive years among all private university of science and technology according to Taiwan’s well-known leading career magazine Cheers.
 Both our Master’s Program and Doctoral Program in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering as well as Global MBA Program are taught in English, and have been highly recommended by the Ministry of Education.
 STUST’s undergraduate programs in the College of Engineering are all IEET accredited, the Taiwanese counterpart of ABET, which is also a Provisional Signatory of the Washington Accord.

1.2. Features
1.2.1. Professionalism and Features
STUST features such professional colleges as College of Engineering, Business, and Digital Design and Humanities for visual communication and multi-media development, interactive comics and animation creation, health care products, green-energy technology, micro/nano processing technology, and seamless human intelligence living technology.

1.2.2. Teaching Features
STUST emphasizes industry and academia cooperation and a four-year real world curriculum. Teaching features include: curriculum planning meets the demand of future careers, R&D achievements integrated into teaching, inviting experts from industries to co-teach, students participating in industry-academia research projects, encouraging students to make the most of internship opportunities, pushing CIE (Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship) teaching.

1.2.3. Industry-Academia Collaboration
Industry-academia collaboration is one of the crucial indicators and distinctive features in technical and vocational education. By means of improving R&D quality and quantity, promoting patented products, inviting experts from industries to co-teach, and strengthening students’ practical ability in their specialized fields, STUST not only increases the quantity but also enhance the quality of our collaborations thus enabling our university to become a valuable partner for a variety of industries.

1.2.4. International Cooperation
 STUST has established formal academic relationships with 232 universities in 33 countries, including renowned universities in USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Romania, Estonia, Spain, Croatia, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
 The four colleges at STUST collaborate to invite distinguished scholars from our partner universities to participate in our annual international conferences. In addition, we regularly host scholars from abroad for academic lectures and classroom presentations on our campus.
 We eagerly recruit international students to study at STUST, and we provide them with Chinese lessons, scholarships and other comprehensive services. Currently, we have had around 700 international students coming from 36 countries.

Establish year : 1969

Type of institution : Private technical University

Feature area : Business, administration and law, Engineering, manufacturing and construction, Arts and humanities, Information and communication technologies, Social sciences, journalism and library information, Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics

Contact : Office of International Affairs

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TEL | 886-6-2533131, Ext. 1601

Faculty : 576

Student : 19367

Undergraduate 17709

Graduate 1426 International Students 232

Academics : 64

College 4 Department 28 Grad. Inst. 32

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