Nanya Institute of Technology

  • Year Founded :1969
  • Faculty :213
  • Students :3242
  • International Students :21

Founded in 1969, we are a university located in Taoyuan City of northern Taiwan. For years, it has cultivated numerous elites in industrial, official and academic circles. It is a 4-year university, with the teaching focus on both application and theory. At present, there are ten departments, including engineering, business management, design and human ecology, as well as one master program (graduate school of machinery and mechatronics engineering). We have more than 4,000 students. Over 60% of the faculty have doctoral degrees, or are at the level of assistant professor or above. We are proud to be a high-quality university in northern Taiwan.

The university is in accordance with the national economic and social policy of Taiwan, and follows the latest industrial development direction. The mid-term and long-term school development plans focus on achieving excellence in teaching, creating a sound learning environment, applying industrial and academic results to teaching, bringing innovation to teaching, continuously enhancing teaching quality, developing school characteristics, promoting publicity of higher education, and fulfilling social responsibility. Our “Enhancement project of higher education” aims to “strengthen teachers’ teaching quality, guarantee students’ learning effectiveness and cultivate practical talents of industry”.

Our university stresses the practicality of learning, thus actively implements the reform and development of vocational and technological education promoted by the Ministry of Education, and enhances teaching quality. It makes efforts on innovative R&D, industrial-academic cooperation and continuing education, and strengths teachers’ and students’ practical competence. It also promotes cultivation base of industrial talents, closely connects with industries, provides manpower needed by industry, and assists with upgrading of industrial technology. In addition, it has established the “national examination center of immediate test, immediate evaluation and immediate issuing”, “service learning center”, “physical fitness center”, “domestic childcare center” and “Nanya Study Buddy” to fulfill social responsibility of the university.

Year Founded : 1969

Type of institution : Private technical University

Contact : 國際暨兩岸教育中心

TEL : 03-4361070,Ext5131,3304

Email : [email protected]

Address : NO.414,Sec.3, Jhongshan E. Rd., Zhongli District, Taoyuan City 32091 Taiwan(R.O.C.)



Faculty : 213

Students : 3242

Undergraduate : 3184

Graduate : 37

International Students : 21

Academics : 16

Departments : 15

Graduate Institutes : 1