National Quemoy University

  • Year Founded :2003
  • Faculty :269
  • Students :4340
  • International Students :120

Why Taiwan ? Why Kinmen ? Affordable Tuition, Better Academic Resources & Quality, Colorful Culture, Decent Scholarship, and Excellent Future Job. All these are reasons for you to come to National Quemoy University.

Kinmen (also named Jinmen or Quemoy) is located in between China and Taiwan and is just about two kilometers off the coast of Xiamen, China. Kinmen has been playing the significant role of a bridge for all kinds of exchanges across the Taiwan Straits.

Kinmen is one of the earliest civilized and internationalized cities in Taiwan. Its history dates back for more than 100 years and has always been the hometown of tens of thousands of overseas Chinese. It is alleged that there are more than 400,000 Kinmen descendants live in South Asian countries. Thanks to the hard-working of their ancestors, some of those overseas Chinese leaders are successful and wealthy in their place of residence.

These leaders are so enthusiastic that they donate generously and support fully the constructions of all levels of educational institutions in their hometown, especially the only public university—the National Quemoy University. Till now, you can still witness their generosities almost everywhere in Kinmen. These outstanding overseas Chinese leaders are the strongest backup for the development of NQU.

With all these donations and supports from overseas, NQU sets up decent scholarships for Overseas Chinese and International students. For example, all Overseas Chinese students enrolled in NQU are entitled to a FULL Scholarship which includes a FULL Refund of the paid tuition and dorm fee in their first year. Kinmen Descendant Students are all qualified for a FULL Subsidy of their paid tuition without any conditions during their four-year bachelor degree program and they can apply for the scholarship for Overseas Chinese students to get a full or a half refund of paid dorm fee at the same time. Besides the scholarship, all students at NQU can enjoy the benefits from Kinmen County Government. For example, they give out Vouchers (or Coupons) of NT$ 2,000 to all graduate and undergraduate students and cash subsidies of NT$ 5,000 to undergraduate students every semester. To sum up, all these scholarships, benefits, or subsidies are more than adequate to students in need.

In terms of transportation, it is very convenient to live and study in Kinmen because the flight to all major cities in Taiwan takes only 50 minutes and the ferry to two major cities (Xiamen and Quanzhou) takes only 30 minutes.

Nowadays, students around the world are facing multi-country challenges and threats of globalization. With its better academic resources and strongest supports from overseas, National Quemoy University is devoted to playing the role of the core center and vital portal for academic, cultural, and educational exchanges.

Come and join the NQU and grasp the unique opportunity to thrive!

Year Founded : 2003

Type of institution : National University

Contact : Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs

TEL : +886-82-313734

Email : [email protected]

Address : No. 1, University Rd., Jinning Township, Kinmen County 892, Taiwan R.O.C.




Faculty : 269

Students : 4340

Undergraduate : 3908

Graduate : 312

International Students : 120

Academics : 33

Colleges : 4

Departments : 17

Graduate Institutes : 12

Campus features

School Features

  • Sports facilities
  • Gymnasium
  • Wifi on campus
  • International student service
  • Homestay placement service
  • Chinese language support
  • Career guidance
  • Banking facilities
  • Accommodation advisory service

Accommodation Options

  • Onsite apartments
  • Homestay
  • Halls of residence
  • Boarding hostel

Religious Facilities

  • Temple
  • Muslim Prayer Space
  • Chapel