Chien Hsin University

  • Year Founded :1966
  • Faculty :325
  • Students :7455
  • International Students :594

Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology(UCH), previously Ching Yun University and Chien Hsin Industrial College, was established in 1966. In 2003, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan approved the upgrade of the institution from its original status as a college to its current standing as a university. Presently, the University contains seventeen departments and programs: Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Applied Geomatics, Materials Engineering and Manufacturing, Industrial Management, Business Administration, Marketing and Distribution, Informational Management, Property Management, Hospitality Management, International Business, Finance Banking, and Digital Multimedia Design. Additionally, the University has four research centers: the Logistics Management Center, the Digital Earth and Disaster Reduction Research Center, the Green Energy Center, and the Euro-Asian Center.

UCH has long-term focus on three research areas: automation, telecommunications, and Internet technology. Placing a premium on knowledge management and intellectual economics, UCH aims to become the leader of E-generation technology. The last few years saw the renovations and expansion of UCH’s campus infrastructure as a result of a two-billion-NT dollar investment. Currently, a search for the second campus is underway as part of the University’s expansion plan. Meanwhile, dozens of professorship positions are being filled as the University continues to enrich the quality of teaching and research. Based on the achievements obtained from execution of the Teaching and Learning Excellence Project, a national competitive project supported by the Government, UCH is positioned to become a first-rate university of science and technology.

Distinctive Characteristics

1.Implementation of Professional Technological and Vocational Education
The primary objective of a technological and vocational education is to cultivate students into professionals with specialized expertise – students who will contribute to the future economic development of Taiwan. Embracing this ideal, UCH gives priority to meeting the needs of domestic as well as international businesses.

2.Ideal of Holistic General Education
The humanities are the foundation of all scholarly development. Recognizing the importance of the humanities, UCH established the General Education Center in 1990 and made every effort to involve students and faculty in cultural activities. The Center aims to shape the University into a professional institution that combines technology with the core value of the humanities.

3.Promotion of Social and Community Awareness
UCH was founded in response to feedback from the local community. Since its inception the University has assumed the responsibility of upholding social standards with the mandate of meeting the needs of local commerce and industry. Through academic-industrial cooperation, life-long education, social service, and the establishment of close ties with the local community, the University plays the role of a local center of information, culture, arts, entertainment, and education.

4.Global Vision
Specialists with an international perspective contribute greatly to Taiwan’s future. UCH stresses education in applied foreign languages, mainly the English and Japanese, and provides language training with instructors who are native speakers of foreign languages. Except formal language courses, various activities are designed and held in campus to motivate students with language learning. The University stands out as a technological university with an international perspective and a multi-linguistic environment.

5.Establishment of an Environment of Life-long Learning
The current information economy demands continual, life-long learning in order for the citizens and the nation to remain competitive on the international stage. UCH, in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s policy of life-long learning, embraces the responsibility of promoting the spread of knowledge in the public domain. To this end, the University has established a continual education school to provide the public with the opportunity to engage in educational pursuit at all ages.

Year Founded : 1966

Type of institution : Private technical University

Contact : International Cooperation Office

TEL : +886-3-4581196 ext.5806

Email : [email protected]

Address : NO.229,Jianxing Rd.,Zhongli Dist.,Taoyuan City 32097,Taiwan (R.O.C)

Faculty : 325

Students : 7455

Undergraduate : 6565

Graduate : 296

International Students : 594

Academics : 21

Colleges : 4

Departments : 17