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Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology

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1. Hwa Hsia University of Technology, founded in 1966 by Dr. Frank T. Y. Chao, the guiding principle of the University is WISE-123. W stands for Worldview, which aims to help students establish a worldview and strengthen the internationalization of the University. I stands for Innovation, which aims to develop students’ creativity. S stands for Skill, which aims to help students gain multiple skills. E stands for Employment, which aims to enhance students’ employment competitiveness. In addition, students are expected to achieve the “123” objective before graduation: 1 diploma in a professional field, 2 credit certificates (1 multidisciplinary program certificate and 1 career program certificate), and 3 licenses (1 vocational license, 1 foreign language proficiency license, and 1 information technology license).
2. From 2009 to 2016, Hwa Hsia University of Technology has been awarded the Teaching Excellence Project Grant for eight consecutive years by the Ministry of Education and the total amount is NT$ 201.94 million (about US$ 6,731,333).
3. Hwa Hsia has 11 academic departments and 3 graduate schools, and the number of students is around 6,000.
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Establish year : 1966

Type of institution : Private technical University

Feature area : Arts and humanities, Business, administration and law, Engineering, manufacturing and construction, Information and communication technologies

Contact : International and Cross-Strait Affairs Center

Email |

TEL | +886-2-8941-5100 ext. 1432

Faculty : 171

Student : 4078

Undergraduate 3971

Graduate 101 International Students 6

Academics : 17

College 3 Department 11 Grad. Inst. 3