LeeMing Institute Of Technology

  • Year Founded :1969
  • Faculty :147
  • Students :5300
  • International Students :300

Founded in 1969, Lee-Ming Institute of Technology is a private college of technology with good tradition and special features. Following the college motto “honesty, simplicity, motivation, and diligence” established by the founder, we have been playing a role that promotes innovation and progress. Placing equal emphasis on theory and practice, our institute prepares students for practical skills in different professions and encourages them to participate in local and international competitions.

1.Arts Cluster: The Department of Performing Arts and the Department of Film and Television Communication, and in 2018, the Department of Theatre was added. The curriculum is designed with multi-faceted performing arts and post-production techniques as the main axes of education, and in terms of creativity, it is expected to combine citizen camp performance projects and cooperation with film and television-related industries, and to encourage students to participate in various domestic and foreign performance, exhibition and fashion competitions.
2. Fashion and Creativity Cluster: To build a fashion and creativity design and exhibition center, to integrate the fashion and cultural and creative characteristics of the greater Taipei area, to develop fashion boutiques, fashion design trends and cultural and creative centers, to provide students with national examinations in apparel, bags, shoes and boots, metalwork and embroidery, as well as beauty and hairdressing, and to provide training for students' licenses and employability.
3. Tourism and Hospitality Cluster: To create a five-star culinary arts classroom, we have hired Mr. Chang Ho-Jin, the chairman and chief chef of Taiwan's famous Chi-Chen Restaurant Group, as the chief culinary arts advisor, and set up a national-level baking, Chinese noodle, Chinese rice and Western food license center on campus to provide students with license and culinary arts training to achieve seamless employment.
4. Engineering Group: Provide students with the latest equipment and national-level refrigeration and air conditioning certification training facilities to enhance their competitiveness and employability in the workplace.

Year Founded : 1969

Type of institution : Private technical University

Contact : 國際暨兩岸事務處

TEL : +886-2-29027811#1545

Email : [email protected]

Address : 22,Sec.3, Tailin Rd.Taishan Dis., New Taipei City, 24305 Taiwan R.O.C

Faculty : 147

Students : 5300

Undergraduate : 5000

International Students : 300

Academics : 16

Departments : 16