National Taiwan University of Sport

  • Year Founded :1961
  • Faculty :293
  • Students :3107
  • International Students :10

National Taiwan University of Sport (NTUS) is a heritage-rich institution that dedicates to athletic excellence and sport industry. NTUS was established on June 12, 1961, as Taiwan Provincial Junior College of Physical Education. It was later re-named as National Taiwan Junior College of Physical Education in 1991, then National Taiwan College of Physical Education in 1996. It obtained the university status in 2011 and established its current name. As of 2014, NTUS has approximately 3200 undergraduate and graduate students. NTUS is located in the downtown area in Taichung, near the famous Yizhong business and tourism district. NTUS is located in the most ideal area in Taiwan with easy accessibility and pleasant weather year-round.

Competitive Edge:
College of Sport Education
The combination of strength and beauty is the best definition of the College of Sport Education. This college includes the Department of Physical Education that integrates traditional sports and sport promotion, and the Department of Dance that focuses on dance arts and performance. The College of Sport Education emphasizes the practical application of theories in teaching, research, performance, and administration. The ultimate goal is to establish physical activity as an integral part of daily life.

College of Sports Performance
The College of Sport Performance focuses on the sports that are included in the Asian Games and Olympic games, and have high participation rates in Taiwan. The College provides faculty and research resources to support the Department of Sport Performance, Department of Combat Sport, and Department of Ball Sport. Over the years, The College of Sport Performance have excelled in international and domestic competitions in track and field, swimming, weightlifting, cycling, Taekwondo, wrestling, archery, baseball, softball, soft tennis, handball, and so on. The College of Sport Performance has produced numerous athletes that represent our nation.

College of Sport Industry
The College of Sport Industry provides students with the curriculum that emphasize both theory and practical application. The College of Sport Industry prepares students to excel in the areas of recreational sport, sport industry management, exercise and health science, and sport information and communication. The goal of the College is to nurture the next generation of individuals with strong expertise for domestic and international sport industry.

Year Founded : 1961

Type of institution : National University

Contact : Admission Division

TEL : +886-4-22213108 ext.2150

Email : [email protected]

Address : 16 Section 1, Shuang-Shih Rd, Taichung, 404, Taiwan, R.O.C.




Faculty : 293

Students : 3107

Undergraduate : 2735

Graduate : 362

International Students : 10

Academics : 18

Colleges : 3

Departments : 9

Graduate Institutes : 6

Campus features

School Features

  • Sports facilities
  • Gymnasium
  • Wifi on campus
  • International student service
  • Homestay placement service
  • Chinese language support
  • Career guidance
  • Banking facilities
  • Accommodation advisory service

Accommodation Options

  • Onsite apartments
  • Homestay
  • Halls of residence
  • Boarding hostel

Religious Facilities

  • Temple
  • Muslim Prayer Space
  • Chapel