Given the demand for indigenous education against the backdrop of transitional justice, Pasuya Poiconu, Dean of the College of Indigenous Studies at National Dong Hwa University accepted a commission from Indigenous Peoples Council to assess the possibility of establishing the National Taiwan Indigenous University. 
The visit to New Zealand by the Assessment Project has worked closely with the Center for International Indigenous Affairs, particularly team members of the 2017 ‘Taiwan Connection: Connecting with New Zealand Education under the New South Bound Policy’ project which was commissioned by the Ministry of Education. Through collaborative channels, members of the two projects visited New Zealand together to consult with appropriate institutions regarding the establishment of the National Taiwan Indigenous University.
Dr. Jolan Hsieh / Bavaragh Dagalomai (Siraya), Director of the Center for International Indigenous Affairs, in addition to traveling with the delegation to
strengthen the connection with wānanga, to further advance existing connections. Furthermore, to relate to the needs of indigenous students in Taiwan, visits to vocational training institute, Māori communities, organizations and Taipei Office in New Zealand were also made with the purpose of exploring a variety of channels in correlation to the spirit of ANZTEC to build connections with higher education in New Zealand through multiple facets such as academic research and culture.