• 2017 Global Youth Trends Forum in Taipei

The Ministry of Education, Youth Development Administration of Republic of China, is honored to invite all participants to attend the “2017 Global Youth Trends Forum- Youth Initiatives for Sustainable Development” in Republic of China.
The main idea of this forum is to present a unique, enriching exchange experience by providing the youth from different countries opportunities to familiarize themselves with sustainable development issue. On top of that, this exchange can also act as a bridge of friendship between the participants as the youth share and discuss their experiences.
Youth Development Administration has constructed a vision for the development of young people, to help them develop holistically in positive ways. We are energetically involved in youth development policy work, youth career guidance promotion, public participation, international participation, experiential learning, and other youth development programs. The main tasks can be divided into the following three categories.

   1. Promote career counseling for youth and enhance their employability.

   2. Encourage young people to participate in volunteer services and their involvement in public affairs.

   3. Reinforce diverse learning for the youth and expand their international vision.

We believe with the current globalization trend, youth issues become more and more interdependent, which leads to an increase of international collaboration opportunities.