• International Programs of Industry-Academia Collaboration in Taiwan

Realizing your dream of studying and working abroad!
Industry-Academia Collaboration Programs enable students with tailor-mode training in professional skills and internships in relative industries, plus outstanding technical and vocational education. International programs of industry-academia collaboration will provide you with opportunities of immediate employment after graduation.There are 110 programs in three categories, Industry-Academia Collaboration Program for International Students (Degree Program), Short-term Program of Technical Training for Foriegn Youths (Non-degree Program) and Short-term Program of Enhancing Professional Skills for Foreing Youths (Non-degree Program) that cover topics from Medical and Health Care, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Financial and Business Management and Agricultural Technology. We hope you will look into each of these programs and select the one that best fits your needs and interests. For more information, please go on the the New Southbound Talent Development Program section.