• 2024 Show Up for Your School Life in Taiwan - Best Short Film for YouTube


Share your experience of learning and living in Taiwan and win great prizes



”The three most WOW things about studying in Taiwan are:_____.” Present three things you recommend for studying abroad in Taiwan.


The content should include at least 1-2 of the following themes:


  1. Diverse campus life (with a focus on life in Taiwan and campus activities)
  2. Professional learning in your field of study (emphasizing quality education resources and a comprehensive teaching system)
  3. Immersive Mandarin learning environment
  4. Opportunities for internships and career development in Taiwan after graduation


Event Schedule

The event will be divided into two stages: preliminary and final rounds.

Preliminary RoundVideo upload period: From now to 11:00 am, June 14, 2024

Nominee AnnouncementJune 20, 2024

Final RoundOnline Engagement: June 20 to 11:00 am, July 7, 2024

Winner Announced DateJuly 15, 2024


Preliminary Round

Final Round

Event Period

From now to 11:00 am, June 14, 2024

June 20 to 11:00 am, July 7, 2024


Step 1. Create a short video (60 to 90 seconds) with the theme: "The three most WOW things about studying in Taiwan are:_____”

⚠️Note: Note: The video must have an aspect ratio of 16:9 (horizontal).


Step 2. Upload the video to the Google form.


Step 3. Complete and upload a license agreement.


Step 4. Subscribe to the @StudyinTaiwan YouTube channel and leave a comment on the Best Short Film event post on Instagram.

 *Scan the QR CODE below to learn more detailed information about the event.

Nominee AnnouncementJune 7, 2024

We will upload the videos of the Nominees to our YouTube channel:


Step 1. Subscribe @StudyinTaiwan YouTube channel and leave a comment on the Shortlist Announcement post, @tag an international student friend + I want to win the prize! + #studyintaiwan


*Example: @AmyLin I want to win the prize! #studyintaiwan


Step 2. Invite international student friends to watch the video and subscribe to the @StudyinTaiwan YouTube channel for a greater opportunity to win prizes!

Selection Methods

The video will be reviewed and ranked using the following criteria:

 1. The richness of the content: 60%

 2. The evaluation of the Study in Taiwan team: 40%

2.The evaluation of the Study in Taiwan team 40%

The video will be reviewed and ranked using the following criteria:

 1. Number of views: 40%

 2. The richness of the content: 30%

 3. The evaluation of the Study in Taiwan team: 30%


1st Prize: Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max (256G/6.7 inch) *1

2nd Prize: GoPro HERO 12 Vlog professional kit*1

3rd Prize: Insta360 GO 3 Standard Kit (Magnetic Thumb-sized Camera) *1


*Due to restrictions, all the prize is only available for domestic shipping within Taiwan.


Participant Eligibility

  • All international students, including those currently studying and those who have previously studied in Taiwan’s colleges and universities are eligible to join the event.
  • Content must be created during the event period, and the participant must appear in your video.


Submission guidelines for video entries

  1. Complete a license agreement for each person appearing in the video, involved in the video production, and provide music used in the video.
  2. Video Specifications
  • You must appear in the video and the content must be delivered in English.
  • The video must be an original work.
  • Maximum length: 60-90 seconds
  • File type: MPEG4, MP4
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 horizontal (for YouTube videos)
  • Resolution: 1080p or higher
  • Video content must NOT:

Be shorter than 30 seconds

Promote illegal behavior.

Discriminate against or support invidious prejudice toward others along ethnic, racial, religious, or sexual grounds.

Invade the privacy of any person.

Infringe on any existing copyright including music, images, or trademarks. Use of such material must be accompanied by written permission from the copyright or trademark owner.




  • FICHET reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time and reserves the right for final interpretation.
  • By participating in this event, participants are deemed to agree to abide by the rules and guidelines of this event.
  • Please retain the original files, as you will be required to provide the raw files and authorize “Study in Taiwan” to use them.
  • Winning eligibility primarily depends on voluntarily completing all activity requirements, with no retroactive adjustments permitted.
  • Honors and prizes will be revoked, if the recipient:
  1. Fails to complete the licensing/authorization agreement
  2. Is not currently living/staying in Taiwan or unable to accept/redeem the prize in person
  3. Misses the acceptance deadline
  4. Is found to have engaged in conduct inconsistent with the terms of prize award