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National University of Kaohsiung

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One semester / Two months

The Division of Chinese Language offers two programs that aim to meet the various language needs of individuals. While presenting foreign students with natural conversational language, idiomatic expressions, and communicative skills, the Division of Chinese Language also aims to develop their understanding of cultures and societies of Chinese-speaking countries, especially Taiwan. Classes are small, and participants have an opportunity to interact with one another as they learn the language and the culture. Field trips and social events are planned throughout the course to help students increase their cultural awareness and get to know each other.
The Chinese as a Foreign Language Program
The Chinese as a Foreign Language Program offers intensive courses for international students, exchange students, and international visitors (including visiting faculty and spouses) whose first language is not Chinese and who want to attend college or university in Taiwan, or improve their Chinese for travel, work, or international communication. The Program offers a balanced emphasis on listening, speaking, reading, and writing, focusing on study skills and the cultural orientation necessary for success at the university level.
Currently the Program provides basic courses which are divided into three different levels (Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced), depending on foreign students’ Chinese language proficiency. Each class size ranges from four to ten students, taught by experienced and qualified instructors. Class hours are fifty minutes in length. Private tutorial instruction is also tailored to meet the language objectives of foreign students. For those who want to familiarize themselves with more modern Chinese language usage, some special courses such as Media Chinese, Business Chinese, Computing and Writing in Chinese, and Readings in Taiwanese Culture are designed to develop their confidence and fluency through systematic languages activities. Lab activities and computer technology are incorporated to expand and enrich foreign students’ learning experience.


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