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National Central University

NCU Chinese Language & Culture Immersion in Taiwan

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Graduate / Undergraduate
Language of instruction
Others: Based on students' Chinese Proficiency
Summer (Jun.~Aug.)
One month / Other

National Central University annually offers a summer program as a part of its goal to enhance global education. We offer an intensive program of classroom lectures for Chinese language learning, unique cultural courses to experience Taiwanese culture, and field trips to historic places in eastern Taiwan. Chinese language classes integrate all language skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Through the program, participants will understand more dynamic aspects of Taiwanese culture and build up overall Chinese Language ability.

An assignment will be given during the Chinese Language Course. The course examination results will be listed on your official academic transcript. The NCU Summer Program is designed to be equivalent to:
3-credit, 3-week program (equivalent to 54 hours)
8-credit, 5-week program (equivalent to 144 hours)
Each student who successfully completes the program will receive a transcript and a completion certificate from National Central University.


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