University & Program

National Central University

Chinese Language & Culture Immersion in Taiwan

Program status
Graduate / Undergraduate
Language of instruction
Others: based on students' Chinese Proficiency
Summer (Jun.~Aug.)

The objective of this program is to immerse students into Chinese language and culture. The curriculum encompasses listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as daytime and evening tutorials all aimed at developing students' Chinese proficiency at all levels. This course also offers field trips to provide the participants an opportunity to familiarize themselves with Taiwan culture and to practise their Chinese in a native environment.

When participants enroll in the program, they will be tested on their Chinese level to ensure that they are placed into an appropriate class that best matches their needs.

This program aims to
Enable beginners to have basic communicative skills
Allow intermediate students to become fluent speakers
Achieve high-level performance proficiency for advanced level students


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Office of International Affairs
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