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Aletheia University Regulations Governing Incentives for Overseas Students

Level of study
Bachelor / Master
Field of study
Depending on the applicant's documents
Accommodation offers
Others: BA 8 semesters;MA 4 semesters

獎勵對象 Objects of Award︰

1. 具有我國僑生、港澳生身分就讀本校之境外學生。Overseas Students who are overseas Chinese, students from Hong Kong and Macau.

2. 具有外國國籍身分就讀本校之境外學生。Overseas Students who hold a foreign nationality.

境外學生獎勵項目 Content of Award︰


1.Overseas Students admitted through the following three channels can receive the award stated in Paragraphs 2 to 5 of below:

(1) 參加海外聯合招生委員會、填寫本校為第一志願並獲錄取進入本校就讀者

(1) Overseas Students who place the University as their first choice

(2) 僑生經本校單獨招生管道錄取進入本校就讀者

(2) Overseas Chinese students admitted through a separate channel organized by the University

(3) 外籍學生經錄取進入本校就讀者

(3) Foreign students who are admitted and pursue study at the University


2.From the 110th academic year on, incoming Overseas Students who sign up for the four-person dormitory of the school shall be exempted from the accommodation fee.

(1) 學士班學生最多可申請免住宿費8學期,碩士班學生最多可申請免住宿費2學期,惟研修生不得申請免住宿費獎勵

(1) Students for bachelor’s class can apply for free accommodation fee up to 8 semesters at most; master's class students can apply for free accommodation fee up to 2 semesters at most; exchange students may not apply for free accommodation fee

(2) 如當學期缺乏宿舍床位導致無法住宿,則改為發放新台幣壹萬貳仟伍佰元整

(2) Should any unavailability of dormitory occur due to a lack of dormitory beds during the semester, then instead each student is issued NT$12,500 for accommodation fee

(3) 非以華語為母語之境外學生在本校就讀期間,得免費修讀由國際事務中心開設之華語及文化相關課程,並計入校定共同選修學分

(3) Students who obtain free accommodation during the eligibility period but move out in the midst of the semester, can only re-apply for free accommodation after the next semester, and the second item of this paragraph may not apply


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