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MingDao University International Student Scholarship

Level of study
Bachelor / Master
Field of study
Depending on the applicant's documents
Chinese proficiency: TOCEL level A2 ;
English proficiency: TOEFL IBT 79; IELTS 6; TOEIC 700;
Tuition reduced
Miscellaneous reduced
One semester

1. MDU Scholarship Committee sets this scholarship for outstanding international students who attend MDU. 2. Process I. Qualifications: (1) International students newly admitted to MDU (2) International students currently enrolled in MDU II. Availability: MDU Scholarship Review Committee will determine tuition and /or fee waiver based on the budget III. Application period: The scholarship application is for each semester (1) New students: Submit the application upon registration (2) Current students: Apply to the Office of International Affairs during the first week of each semester. IV. Documents and paper works: (1) New students: application form, a transcript from the previous school, two letters of recommendation, and proof of the highest education. (2) Current students: application form & transcript for the last semester. (academic grade level over 80 and passing personal conduct level) (3) International students transferred to MDU should enclose a transfer certificate or the transcript of the last academic year. (4) Other academic credentials and/or relevant documents (such as award certificate, proof of honor, etc.). 3. The selection process: I. The Scholarship Review Committee: Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Students Affairs, Dean of each college and Dean of International Affairs. II. The qualification standard The Review Committee will assess the applicants according to the documents submitted to rank each candidate’s qualification based on his/her achievement score. For assuring an impartial assessment, the applicants will be invited for interviews when necessary. 4. Other Related Issues: I. International students applied with forged documents or documents with untruthful information will disqualified and subject to disciplinary action as per MDU regulation. II. International students who are expelled from MDU or who lost their student status will be subject to scholarship cancellation. III. International students who are convicted or have demerit record due to the violation of school regulations will be subject to scholarship cancellation. IV. International students awarded with in-school budget scholarship should not apply for other scholarship under the same budget simultaneously, excluding book coupons award 5. This Procedure, as adopted by the Scholarship Review Committee, is submitted to the MDU president for approval and implementation.


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