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Doctoral Scholarships and Grants for International Students

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Doctoral Program Scholarships and Grants shall be awarded to 50 students. The scholarships include equal amount of the tuition and miscellaneous fees or credit fees, and grants covering living expenses NT$12,000 per month. The living expenses will be paid for 10 months each year, totaling NT$480,000 for the first four years. Candidates must meet the following two criteria prior to admission.

  1. Those who have obtained one of the following certificates within five years prior to admission: a TOEFL ITP score 523 or above, a TOEFL iBT score 69 or above, a TOEIC score 700 or above, an IELTS band score 5.5 or above, a Foreign Language Proficiency Test (FLPT-English) total score 240 in the three written tests, or a Linguaskill Business score 160 or above.
  2. Those who have obtained a GRE Quantitative Reasoning score 160 or above within five years prior to admission.



Contents of Awards



The scholarships

The grants



equal amount of the tuition and miscellaneous fees or credit fees


(10 months each year for the first 4 years)





(10 months each year for the first 4 years)

PS: Those who meet the criteria before the start of the second semester after admission may retrospectively claim back the original scholarships and grants. However, the grants include living expenses NT$10,000 per month for those who only meet the criterion #1. If there is an external project funding subsidy (for example, the Ministry of Science and Technology subsidizes the pilot program of universities and colleges to cultivate outstanding doctoral students), students are not allowed to receive the scholarships covering living expenses repeatedly, except for the scholarships and grants covering tuition and miscellaneous fees.


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