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National Taipei University of Education

National Taipei University of Education

International Students Scholarship

Level of study
Field of study
No limit
No limit
Others: A newly admitted and outstanding student
Award Amount: NTD 4000-6000 /month
Others: 1.The maximum length of time a student is entitled to receive the scholarship is two academic years for students in master programs2. Awardees shall provide administrative assistance to the respective department or administrative office for at least 72 hours per year.3. The scholarship should be terminated immediately after awardees’ suspension, withdrawal or graduation from studies; the scholarship received should be reclaimed.
One year

National Taipei University of Education (hereinafter referred to as the “University”) “International Students Scholarship” aims to recruit outstanding students of foreign nationality to study at the University and promote academic internationalization by way of encouraging and rewarding the University's international students who excel academically.


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